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About Millcreek Valley Game Calls :

Hi, here at Millcreek Valley Game Calls we wanted to thank you for visiting our site and tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are a family owned business. With the help of my family, we strive to make the best turkey calls we can on the market. Our calls are made one at a time. They are not off a production line. We take pride in our products and we can proudly say they are made in the USA and made right here in Pennsyvania. Our calls have won many awards from the NWTF. We have won call maker awards with their sound quality, and the NWTF call making contest, for looks and sounds of the wild turkey. We try to make our product line as affordable as possible. If you have any questions, please call us at (814)-379-9647 or email us millcreekvalleygamecalls@yahoo.com

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About Call Maker :
Hello, My name is Shawn Kotchey, I am the owner of Millcreek Valley Game Calls. I have over 25 years in the outdoor industry working for other game call company’s and working for some other big name camouflage companies. Over the years working and selling calls and camouflage, I decided to start my own Game Call company. We opened in 2010 and designed a Pot call after the late pioneer call maker D.D. Adams. D.D. Adams had a plastic pot call from a plastic flower pot holder. He designed and coined the phrase,” Pot Call “.  Knowing a man that called competition and called for DD Adams in the 80’s, pretty much put DDAdams calls on the map. David Tilburg won two world turkey calling contests and two US Open turkey calling contests with his calls.   Talking to David, he always said D.D. Adams always wanted to make his plastic pot call wood. So with permission from his family, and the help of David, the wood Pot was born. This Wood Pot  has won many call makers metals, ribbons and awards. Also we have been fortune  enough to have our turkey calls in turkey hunting magazines and in the national magazine Outdoor Life.. As far as hunting goes, I get to travel each spring, all over the United states doing Turkey Hunting and calling seminars.  Also I been fortune enough also to harvest 5 Grand slams and hunt over 27 States. In between hunting turkey I do Turkey, Elk and Owl Calling competition from state to state.  I have placed in the top three in over 50 contests.. Last but not least, I am certifed to teach turkey hunting and basic hunter education in Pennsylvania. I Thank God for everything that we have. Without him as my lord and savior, I am Nothing!!! Thank You and we hope you choose our calls for your turkey hunting vest and always good Luck Afield!!!

Shawn Kotchey

Phone: (814) 379-9647
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