The Boss Hen 3 (Red slate soundboard)




This call is handmade one at a time.  We start with hand picked Walnut wood, for the pot because of sound quality. Adding our signature sound holes. Then we laszer engrave a Red Slate soundboard.  We then hand pick the finest Crystal available, this gives you a Crystal pot call combination that is truly realistic. All Millcreek Valley Game Calls come with a striker matched and tuned to the pot that you order. Every call that leaves my shop is guaranteed to produce realistic turkey sound. Ease of use, consistent two note roll-over and true turkey sound.The most important thing any turkey call must have is a good “break or roll over Yelp. The yelp has two distinct syllables or notes. It has a high and a low note. The distinct point where the note changes from high to low is called the break, or roll over Yelp. A good quality turkey call has realistic, distinct roll over Yelp. All Millcreek  Valley Game Calls have this realistic roll over Yelp. You will not be able tell the difference between these turkey calls and a real wild turkey in the woods. That is why are calls have won many call making and turkey call contests all over the country.  All calls are made one at a time by myself. 

 Shawn Kotchey 

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