The Silver Hen




Introducing The Silver Hen,  New to the line for Spring 2022 this a stoned aluminum playing surface with a walnut pot.  All Millcreek Valley Game Calls come with a striker matched and tuned to the pot that you order. Every call that leaves my shop is guaranteed to produce realistic turkey sound, ease of use, consistent two note roll-over and true turkey sound. The most important thing any turkey call must have is a good break or roll over yelp. The yelp has two distinct syllables or notes. It has a high and a low note. The distinct point where the note changes from high to low is called the break, or roll over yelp.  A good quality turkey call has a realistic distinct roll over yelp. All Millcreek  Valley Game Calls have this realistic roll over Yelp. You will not be able tell the difference between these turkey calls and a real wild turkey in the woods. That is why our calls have won many call making and turkey calling contests all over the country.  All calls are made one at a time by myself.

Shawn Kotchey

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